EDIT 7/28/2013:

Hey gang! Long time no updates, ya?

Just in case I haven’t mentioned this currently, but the reason why we haven’t updated in months is because Yuki is currently enrolled in Animation school. Due to her intense workload she has very little time to illustrate the next updates.  We’re really sorry that we haven’t been able to keep up with updating, but we’re very happy knowing that we still get readers visiting the site and taking the time to throw us their input.  For that we thank you!  GORGE will continue once we get out of this hiatus funk.  Take care everyone and thank you for reading! ~ Emily


Hey you all!

Sorry the post was a bit late in the day, ( Had school ) but we hope you enjoy our latest installment!

Also on a side note in case anyone is curious,  unfortunately due to funding and our life situations,  we’ll be skipping out on showing off GORGE for this year’s MoCCA fest. :C  Sorry guys, but we’ll try to get something going for next year’s festivities!

Until next update,